BBLM24 | Feature Reveal

Now that the daily feature reveal is over, it's time to announce the complete list of new features coming to BBLM24.

BBLM24 will be released on September 16th 2023. You can pre-order right now on:


Primary features

Player attributes

  • Introduced new player attributes:
    • Close shot
    • Three-points shot
    • Playmaking
    • Offensive rebounds
    • Blocks
    • Steals
    • Defensive rebounds
  • Renamed "injury resistance" to "health," now within the 0-99 range.
  • Added a configurable setting to hide the new attributes.


  • Introduced a gender property for both players and staff members.
  • Added the ability to edit the gender of players and staff.
  • Added family relations
    • Parent/Children
    • Uncle/Nephew
    • Siblings
    • Generation (1 to 20)
  • Profiles now have a families section.
  • Players and staff members can now have children during their careers.
  • Introduced the possibility of players and staff members having twins.
  • Introduced a children birth rate setting.
  • Added a family section within the player and staff editor.
  • Can search families by:
    • Relation type
    • Organization
    • Generation


  • Added milestones for key statistical achievements
  • Added three types of milestones
    • Personal
    • League (when passing someone in the top 50 for a stat)
    • Franchise (when passing someone in the top 25 in a stat for the franchise)
  • Added a Milestone tab to the Records page where you can view imminent milestone achievements.
  • Added a new milestone page where you can see every player close to reaching a milestone for a selected stat.
  • Integrated milestones into player profiles.
  • Added milestones section within the post-game details.
  • Milestone information is now displayed upon achievement in the play-by-play page.

Throw map

  • Added a throw map to the play-by-play page.
  • The court will show the home team logo at center.
  • Free-throws, field goals and threes are filterable by period and event type.


  • Added minor and major rivalries.
  • Rivalries influence in-game injuries.
  • Rivalries affect trade difficulty when dealing with rival teams.
  • You can view a team's relationship status directly from the team detail page.
  • Many factors influence a rivalry:
    • Injuries
    • Playoffs games
    • Offer sheet
    • Regular season game
    • Champions and dynasties
    • Team location
  • You can set custom rivalries in the roster editor.

Free agency

  • Added a free agency live event.
  • Players now evaluate multiple offers before making decisions.
  • You can now see which factors influence a player's interest in your team.
  • Some players will have a higher interest in playing in their hometown.

Secondary features:

Lineup history

  • You can now view the lineup history of any major league by selecting a season from the team page.
  • Added a Lineup History setting that allows you to choose the number of saved years (default is 30 years).


  • Added play-in rounds to the major league playoffs


  • Improved saving speed by 60%
  • Improved save loading speed by 45%
  • Reduced saves size by 35%

Trade value

  • Increased the impact of bad contracts on player value.
  • Players with negative value will now cost significantly more than before.
  • Trade value is now relative to the strength of the major league.
  • Increased value for lower overall players


  • Introduced a new birthplace property for players and staff members.
  • Birthplace is now visibly displayed within player and staff profiles.
  • Implemented a clickable birthplace feature, enabling users to view locations on a map (available on iOS and Android).
  • Added the ability to edit birthplace information for players and staff.
  • Included a city editor.
  • Custom leagues will now utilize cities from the city editor when auto-generating teams.
  • Added a new location property to teams.
  • You can now edit the team’s location from the team editor.
  • Clicking on the team's location allows you to view the location on a map (available on iOS and Android only).

Game log

  • Added the last 5 games to player profiles.
  • Included the last 5 games as a filter on the stats page.

Roster editor

  • Added a buyout editor.
  • Included the ability to add contract extensions in the roster editor.
  • Added plus and minus buttons to quickly adjust a player's overall rating in the player editor.
  • Added the option to edit the location, strength, minimum age, and maximum age of any league except the default major league.
  • Lowered the minimum league age to 5 years old.

Community rosters

  • You can now upload an updated version of an existing roster.
  • You can download any version of a roster from the roster detail page.


  • Tuned the parameters for selecting the league MVP.
  • Tuned the parameters for selecting the Defensive Player of the Year
  • Tuned the parameters for selecting the Most Improved Player of the Year


  • Added a way to search for players who are considered surplus on their team.
  • Moved the watchlist page inside the search page.
  • Added a family search tab to the search page.
  • Added a drafted round option to the search page.

Player Profiles

  • Added estimated career earnings to player profiles.
  • Added contract extension details to the contract tab on player profiles.
  • Added a salary progression chart on the contract tab of player profiles.
  • Included player global rank for their position on their profile.

Prospect Generation

  • You can now view prospects for every future season where at least one prospect is generated.
  • Changed the name of the elite motivation to "absolute."
  • Prospects with franchise potential and absolute motivation will have a very high overall rating and a high chance of reaching 99 overall in their career.


  • You can now trade conditional picks.
  • Trade AI improvements.
  • Prevented trading a single draft pick for an higher draft pick (ex: pick 17 for pick 16)
  • You can now switch teams from the player selection page when trading.


  • You can now select how many years of draft picks are generated in advance.
  • Added a relative overall option (best player 99, worst major league player 78).
  • Injury notifications for each league are visible from the notification setting page.
  • Leagues' strength is now displayed under the league abbreviation in the setting page.
  • Increased the effect of the "Salary Cap Increase" value.
  • Added a "keep players from removed team" option for fantasy draft.
  • Added a "positive value only" option for waiver notifications.
  • Added a "matching need only" option for waiver notifications.
  • Added an injury action option for each severity (notify, ignore, and replace).
  • Lowered the effect of the scoring setting.
  • Added easier and harder trade difficulty settings.
  • Added a staff salary cap demand setting.
  • Added an 84-game schedule option.
  • The "hide overall" option now also hides the team's overall.
  • Added an extra draft round setting.
  • Added a setting allowing you to decide how many draft classes are generated in advance.
  • Added a setting to remove the maximum contract limit.


  • Changed the major league minimum age to 19 years old
  • Tuned stats distribution
  • Updated waiver/buyout behavior
  • The auto lineup will now consider the player’s secondary position.
  • Champion notification will now appear only once per year with all the champions of every league. Instead of one notification per league.
  • Champion notifications will now appear only once per year with all the champions of every league, instead of one notification per league.
  • Added a new estimated career earnings ranking.
  • Added a team trade history on their page.
  • Added player faces on the lineup for larger devices.
  • Added an option to select all extra players on the lineup page.
  • When simulating from the calendar page, the simulation popup will now appear at the bottom of the screen, allowing live updates of matchups directly on the calendar.
  • Updated space usage for play-by-play and records view on larger devices.
  • Added an injury section to the play-by-play page.
  • You can now start a battle royale with custom leagues.
  • You can view a team profile by holding down on a team name on the trade page.
  • Expiring staff are now added to the contracts page.
  • The league location is now visible on the created leagues page.
  • Tuned down the Clutch specialty.
  • You can now decide which division will have the most amount of teams when creating a league with an uneven number of teams per division.
  • Increased the number of fantasy draft rounds.
  • The player stats page will now show the league leaders by default when selecting a league not related to the major league.
  • Added a 0.15x play-by-play speed (1 second at a time).
  • Long-pressing on a game on the calendar or the page will open the opponent's page.
  • Improved contract negotiations.
  • Edited the impact of the injury frequency setting.
  • Lowered staff experience gain rate.
  • Fixed a bug where the trophy page would not show more than the past 20 winners.
  • Increased staff progression.
  • Added a rating filter on the lineup and depth chart page.
  • Added the complete date instead of only the year in the load career page.
  • Added shortcuts to the watchlist, lineup, depth chart, and team standing on the trade deadline and draft page.
  • Reduced salary ask for players past the regression age.
  • Added style and interest filters to the staff hiring list.
  • Tuned monthly progression
  • Bug fixes.
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