BBLM23 Feature Reveal

Now that the daily feature reveal is over, it's time to announce the complete list of new features coming to BBLM23.

BBLM23 will be released on September 17th 2022.

Primary features
League creation

  • Added custom league creation
  • Can set the location of the league
  • Can set the strength of a league (Pro I, Pro II, Pro III, Semi-Pro I, Semi-Pro II, Amateur I, Amateur II)
  • Can define the minimum and maximum age of players in a league
  • Can associate a custom league with another league to create a major-minor relationship
  • Can define the name of the awards of a league
  • Can define the nationality distribution of players in a league
  • Can define the number of teams and the number of games for a league
  • Can generate teams automatically when creating a league. Teams will be in cities of the country of the league.
  • Can change the affiliation of major and minor teams in existing and created leagues
  • Can define default settings of a league such as the number of teams in the playoffs, the type of playoff seeding, the number of games in a series, the number of divisions, conferences and the default configuration of the league.
  • Can create a new career with a custom league instead of the default major league
  • Players without major league contracts will now wait much longer before retiring. They will play in non major league related leagues in the meantime.
  • Free agents at the beginning of a season will play in a non major league related league depending on their talent.


  • Adding a preseason calendar just before the start of the season
  • Waivers are activated during the preseason
  • Extra players available are from the lineup screen to allow for quick rotation in preseason games
  • New automatic preseason lineup based on remaining games
  • Ability to cut players directly from the lineup screen


  • New staff type: Physio
  • New staff type: Director of Player Development
  • New roles: Assistant GM, Head Physio, Head Scout
  • Coach, Scout and Physio can change professions
  • Add coaching roles for minor leagues
  • Retired players convert to staff more frequently
  • Added staff specialties


  • Specialties are perks given to Assistant GM, Head Coach, Head of Player Development, Head Scout, Head Physio and Head Scout that improves the performance of the team and the staff.
  • Assistant GMs can have 3 specialties. The others have 2.
  • Each specialty has 4 levels
  • Staff gain experience based on the team's performance. Experience is used to improve or unlock new specialties
  • Specialties are divided into categories: Coaching, Player Development, Scouting, Medical, Management and General
  • Clutch: increases the team’s performance during the playoffs
  • Reputation: increases the interest of free agents
  • Communicator: increases the effect of attributes
  • Player development:
  • Prime: Accelerates player development
  • Communicator: increases the effect of attributes
  • Intel: accelerates scouts efficiency
  • Workload: increases the number of player scouted
  • Gems: increases the discovery of gems
  • Busts: increases the discovery of busts
  • Mentor: accelerates the development of physios
  • Prevention: reduces the probability of injuries
  • Recovery: accelerates healing time
  • Rehabilitation: reduces the probability of injury damage
  • Manager: accelerates the development of directors
  • Experience: improves staff stats in its original department
  • Dealer: facilitates trades
  • Negotiator: reduces staff salary demands
  • Learner: Reduces the cost of specialities upgrades

Trade deadline

  • Live trade deadline event
  • Display of needs and surplus in the trade block screen
  • Can find players based on needs/surplus
  • Can modify needs and surplus of your team
  • More players available at the trade deadline
  • Possibility to change the duration of the trade deadline
  • New player value algorithm
  • Improved trade logic

Awards show

  • Event to see the finalists and winners for each award
  • Animated reveal of the winners
  • Profile for each trophy to see the winner history
  • Can see the player who has won a trophy the most frequently

Conditional picks

  • Added conditions for draft picks in trades
  • Four types of conditions available:
  • Higher of: the higher of two picks in the same round
  • Lower of: the lower of two picks in the same round
  • Draft protection: condition based on pick position
  • Playoffs rounds: condition based on playoffs results
  • Ability to view conditions in the trade history screen

Roster conversion

  • Can import an BBLM22 roster in BBLM23

College league

  • 97 new college teams
  • College teams can be followed (lineups, games, stats, trophies, season records)
  • Each rookies is assigned to a college team

Secondary features

  • Realistic and balanced generation of generated players
  • AI will now buyout players when necessary
  • Teams tend to keep more contracts in future years
  • Improved contract signing logic.
  • Increased quality of free agents
  • Increased points for elite players

Career creation

  • Can start a career with an expansion draft


  • Added new nationalities (France, United Kingdom, Latvia, Norway and Kazakhstan)
  • Added a second division with the new countries
  • Rookie players can be generated in the new countries

Roster editor

  • A generated logo is assigned by default when creating a new team or league

Player progression

  • Monthly progression player progression based on performance

Roster moves

  • Updated interface
  • Ability to assign a player to any eligible league
  • Ability to send an unlimited number of players per transaction

Depth Chart

  • Updated interface
  • Players are now separated according to their active league
  • Added filters showing various information about a player (info, stats, contract, potential)
  • Possibility to see the player stats of the current season in their respective league

Contracts & Free agency

  • Possibility to see the free agents of the next 3 seasons
  • Tab containing the details of the player's contract on his profile
  • Separation of players into categories (expiring, unsigned, extension eligible) in the contract page
  • View of contracts by seasons with expiration status in the contract list


  • Possibility to choose a number of team not multiple of 2 for the playoffs
  • Ability to disable injury notifications by league
  • Possibility to activate the automatic signing of coaches by leagues
  • Ability to disable a league individually
  • Improved options for automatic lineup management
  • Option to automatically manage the trade block
  • Option to ignore retired numbers from the roster when creating a new career
  • Option to generate staff from retired players when creating a new career
  • Option to disable waivers during the preseason
  • Option to automatically manage the preseason lineup
  • Option to disable staff specialties
  • Option to automatically manage staff specialties
  • Option to set the regression player age


  • Minor league and junior league jerseys
  • Reduced file sizes by 80%.
  • Update the generated name list
  • Improved schedules generation
  • Added a search bar when replacing teams
  • The selection of players for the all star game are now more based on performance than overall
  • Added a button that allows simulation until the next event in the office screen
  • Possibility to see players from your watchlist during the draft
  • Improved trade AI
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