BBLM22 Feature Reveal

Now that the daily feature reveal is over, it's time to announce the complete list of new features coming to BBLM22.

BBLM22 will be available in October 2021.

Lineup Improvement

  • Can assign minutes regardless of player position
  • Can lock a player position and minutes

League Expansion

  • Can set any number of teams, from 6 to 64, for a new career or ongoing career (through expansions and folds)
  • Can set the number of divisions and conferences
  • Can set the names of divisions and conferences
  • Can change the minor league divisions configuration
  • Can set the number of games per season, from 8 to 82
  • Can set the number of draft rounds
  • Can set the number of playoff participating teams in (from 2 to 32)
  • Can set the playoff seeding (wildcard, division, conference, league)
  • Can set the playoffs best of
  • Can add multiple expansion draft at any time in your career
  • Can set your protection list for an expansion draft

Minor League

  • Minor league affiliate for each major league team
  • Added minor league trophies
  • Added minor league season records
  • Can disable the minor leagues

Battle Royale

  • Each season, the 5 worst teams are eliminated until only one remains
  • Can set the number of teams eliminated per season (1 to 5)

History Mode

  • Start a career in 1950, 1970, 1990 or 2010
  • Existing and created players are generated as rookies if they are too young to play in the major league


  • Rank of prospects fluctuates troughout the year
  • Prospect's rank variation is visible from its profile
  • You can unlock the real rank of a prospect at tier 4 of scouting
  • You can view prospects for the next three drafts
  • New interface with timer, news feed, in-draft trades
  • Can force the use of original draft pick ownership
  • Can set the rookie generation odds by country


  • Field goal percentage
  • Free throw percentage
  • Three field goal percentage
  • Field goal attempts
  • Free throw attempts
  • Three field goals attempts
  • All stats available in per game or total format


  • Injuries can cause a player lose overall points
  • Career ending injuries
  • Season injury history and summary
  • Injury history on player profile
  • Severity of injuries (minor, moderate, major)

Draft lottery

  • Can disable the draft lottery
  • Can set the number of teams eligible for the draft lottery (from one to all)
  • Can set the number of pick drawn
  • Can set a limit on the number of picks a team can jump
  • Can edit the odds of winning the lottery for each pick


  • The world cup has an effect on the nationality of future prospects
  • Can set the tournament frequency
  • Can control a world cup team
  • Can select a world cup team roster
  • Division changes after each tournament


  • Can customize which stats are displayed
  • Can hide players overall


  • Championship notification for each league
  • All-star game
  • Older draft history available
  • Secondary positions
  • Search bar
  • Can watch any game from any team with the new boxscore page
  • New season page showing championship results, stat leaders, expansion teams, folded teams and relocations
  • New season records (win streak, loss streak, playoffs streak, playoffs drought, cup streak)
  • Players can retire as scouts


  • Players now show interest in signing with your team
  • Players can accept qualifying offers


  • Can set a player overall, team and contract for any history mode season
  • Can create retired players
  • Can create scouts
  • Can view what is included in a community roster (number of players, teams, etc)
  • Added team jerseys
  • Can set player injury

BBLM22 is still in development and more features may be added before the release.

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