HLM21 Feature Reveal

Now that the daily feature reveal is over, it's time to announce the complete list of new features for HLM21.

Previoulsy Announced Feature

Notable features

  • Franchise records
  • Penalty, Plus-Minus, Goals Against Average, Save Percentage and Defensemen Records
  • Manager career stats
  • Mid-season contract extension
  • Change team anytime
  • Lock a player into position (on lineup)
  • Chemistry sytem based on position and player type
  • In-game roster editor (teams, players, prospects)
  • Pre-game report
  • Retired jerseys
  • Rankings (teams, trading power, prospect pool, prospect ranking, awards ranking, cup ranking)
  • Lineup view mode
  • League editor (name, logo, division and trophies)
  • Coach editor
  • Team editor (jerseys, retired jerseys, colors, logo, name and city)
  • Depth chart
  • Player progression page
  • Can move teams from one division to another
  • Playoffs bracket
  • Trade history
  • Trade finder
  • Controller Support

Minor features

  • Players under 21 years old can grow up and gain weight
  • Draft picks on team profile
  • Lineup on team profile
  • Sim individual picks when drafting
  • Rename and duplicate savefiles
  • Can easily switch between multiple rosters
  • Oversea players can generate in free agency
  • Can view amount of offers on a player in free agency
  • Real life salary cap system
  • New contract and trade AI
  • Simulation speed optimisation
  • Players' potential can increase or decrease


  • Can choose how long the data of retired players is kept
  • Options to update lineup automatically on trades
  • Options to update lineup automatically on contract signings
  • Options to choose between the imperial or metric system
  • Can select between two point system (2-1-0 or 3-2-1-0)
  • Can disable salary cap
  • Can keep salary cap static (salary decreases instead of salary cap increasing)
  • Can disable minor league
  • Can choose prospect progression rate
  • Can choose draft class quality
  • Can autosign scouts
  • Can autosign coaches
  • Can select penalty frequency
  • Playoffs parity option
  • Time played metric

New on IOS

These features were available on Android, but not on iOS

  • Can watch any playoffs game
  • Captains and alternate
  • 3 stars of the game
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